SX-70 Blackout Film Triple Pack

Looking for some appropriately classic film to go with your classic Polaroid SX-70 camera? Thought so. This Black & White SX-70 Film Triple Pack is just the thing. You get three brand new packs of B&W SX-70 Film for less than if you’d bought them separately, so you can load up on film for your next brooding arthouse shoot. Stay classy.

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Buy 3 packs of the same film and get 5% off.

8 photos per pack
Images develop in about 10 minutes
Works with SX-70 only
3 packs of film

Classic camera. Classic film.

About the series

The SX-70 was the world's first truly instant camera, and it comes from a time when things moved a bit more slowly. Slower times, slower film speed. But don't worry, it develops just as fast as our other film. Just make sure to always shoot in lots of bright, natural light.
SX-70 Film
Works with:
SX-70 Cameras