Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera - Onyx

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If you were the type of kid who liked to take apart the toaster to see what was inside, the Polaroid Spectra Onyx might be the camera for you. It's just like the Spectra Full Switch, meaning you get a load of controls like Sonar Autofocus, lighten/darken, and a self-timer function. But its got a transparent top which allows you see all the neat little chips and circuits inside, no screwdriver needed. So your camera stays in one piece, and you save a load of time, energy and money. Thank us later.

Wide-format photos

Sonar Autofocus

Full switch controls


A New Perspective.

About the series

First introduced in the 1980s, Polaroid's Spectra & Image camera systems have a number of technical features and use a special wide-format instant film. As a result, they were popular in a number of professional settings, such as police forensics and medical examinations. Their pop-up designs are pretty cool, too, so if you like your style with a bit of substance, look no further.
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