Spectra Blackout Film Triple Pack

Prefer your instant photography with a little French New Wave feel? Not a problem. In fact, we made this blacked out Spectra film triple pack for that exact reason. It comes with three brand new packs of Black & White Spectra Film, and at a lower price than if you’d bought them separately, so you can shoot film noir to your heart’s content.

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Buy 3 packs of the same film and get 5% off.

8 photos per pack
Wide-format photos
Images develop in about 10 minutes
3 packs of film

Bigger is better.

About the series

Polaroid might be best known for that classic, square frame, but there were a few other formats over the years. Spectra film is a widescreen version of their classic instant film, for when you absolutely, positively have to fit every single person in the shot. Accept no substitutes.
Spectra Film
Works with:
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