Instant: The Story of Polaroid Book

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The story of Polaroid is a pretty long one, with lots of ups, downs and in-betweens. Fortunately, Christopher Bonanos wrote this book to sum it all up for you. It tells you the whole story, from Edwin Land’s founding of Polaroid right through the swinging ‘60s, SX-70s, ‘80s heydays and beyond. Not only that, this special edition comes with a colorful slip cover and a 40-page “Faces of Polaroid” booklet – a comprehensive who’s-who of all the people that made the magic happen. Who said learning isn’t fun?

Technical Specifications

Hardcover limited edition
192 pages
Specially-designed slipcase
Includes "Faces of Polaroid" booklet (40 pages)
Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2012