Beta Film

Color Film for 600 Beta 19-04

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Beta Film = better instant film for everyone. Our R&D team needs your help testing the latest batch of our color chemistry.

We’re releasing this micro-batch of beta film at reduced cost because we’re still tweaking the recipe, and results can be unpredictable. This batch is testing a new combination of chemicals that should improve the overall picture quality. We’ll never stop trying to perfect our film but it takes a lot of trial and error, and your feedback.

Help us be better by buying beta, and let us know about the results you get.

You Should Know:
This Polaroid Originals film is still in beta and should be treated as experimental film. Because of this, it’s being sold at a reduced price and is shipped in unbranded packaging. We cannot guarantee stable results, and are therefore not responsible for defects and/or faults of any kind.

Beta Film

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Needs your help!

Research and Development.

About the series

Polaroid instant film contains some of the most complex chemistry found anywhere. Beta film is part of our development process, the fine-tuning of our film formula. And we need you to help us test it.
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